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Stars of the frozen universe


Behold our latest round of perhaps the most life-affirming animal photos you are ever likely to see.

These snaps show harp seal pups and baby penguins in remarkable detail in their natural environments of north-east Canada and Antarctica.

Photographer Keren Su went to extraordinary lengths to capture the shots, crawling across ice on his stomach to approach the harp seals and spend time with them on Canada's remote Iles de la Madeleine.

"I was only allowed a limited time with the seals and in order to get the pictures I wanted I had to crawl on the ice so the pups wouldn't be afraid of a huge stranger," the self-taught Chinese photographer told the Daily Mail.

"After they had gotten used to my smell I could get closer and closer until my camera was right in front of them. When they became relaxed they would behave in the cutest ways imaginable."

He was working with a limited window of time, since harp seal pups only retain their cute fluffy whiteness for a period of around 10 days.

Keren has travel far and wide in his 24-year career as a wildlife expert, often tackling inhospitable climes to bring in incredible photos.

As well as taking on Canada, he recently travelled to Snow Hill Island in Antarctica, where he made himself at home amid a group of baby Emperor penguins.

As you can see from the photos, above and below, the adorable youngsters were natural stars in front of the camera and appeared to welcome their stint in their limelight.

As well as shooting wildlife, Seattle-based Keren has a number of other impressive credentials to his name.

He is the first person to ride a one gear bicycle across China, to motorbike around China and to raft with a self-made innertube raft down the Tarim River - the world's longest interior river.

His mountaineering experience - he has guided many trekking and climbing teams to Mt. Everest, K2 and other isolated regions - stood him in good stead in his quest to capture beautiful animals in their most natural surroudings.

Enjoy the photos, above and below.

Photo credit: Caters News Agency



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