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Surf Dogs Break Records


Pooches of all shapes and sizes gathered packed onto California's Imperial Beach to take to the surf for good causes.

Loews Surf Dog Competition raises money for animal charities by inviting small dogs, large dogs and tandem dogs to ride the ruff waves in 10 minute heats.

The pooches are then scored on their two best surfs - as well as their outfits.

The wave-riding pets rode their way to three Guinness Book of World Records during the competition over the weekend...

The four-legged surf dudes were awarded the titles in the following categories:

- Most amount of dogs surfing on one board at one time (more than 10 dogs)

- Most amount of dogs surfing on one board at one time ( more than 10 dogs) with a human

- Most amount of dogs surfing on one board at one time (more than 10 dogs) with two humans

The pink waterproof jacket on the rust-coloured pooch, above, is one of Stylist's favourite looks from the day

"All aboard" No less than eight dogs display amazing team work to balance on the board, above

This butch-looking beauty, above has really got the hang of the competition

Teevan McManus, owner of Coronado Surfing Academy and a judge at the competition described what was required of the surf-loving canine competitors: "So what we're looking for could be length of ride, maybe that little bit of extra flair that a dog has, from the way they're dressed up to, maybe some sunglasses, whatever it might be, and then we're always looking for something that stands out."

Do you know a dog that loves to durf? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments sections below.

Words: Anna Pollitt, Pictures: Rex Features


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