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The life and times of a very fashionable little pig named Priscilla


Miss Piggy has some firm competition. A mini-pig by the name of Priscilla it taking the internet by storm through her display of cute little outfits alongside witty captions.

Together with her little brother Poppleton, the little pigs have wracked up 171,804 followers on Instagram

Prissy has a different outfit for every occasion, whether she's spending time on the beach or escorting her owner to the school she works in. Her trademark accessory is a large pink bow and she knows just how to strike a pose.

Both Priscilla and Poppleton are miniature pigs, a breed of pigs developed in the 1980s. Priscilla was born on 29 April 2013 and adopted from Oink Oink Mini Pigs in south Florida.

Take a look at our favourite pictures below

Above: Happy Snout Sunday everyone! #snoutsunday #selfie #priscilla #happy_pet #petsmiles

Above: Good Morning friends! Does this bow make my snout look big?#piggyprobs

Above: Breakfast at Tiffany's! #spolied #princess

Above: Can we please play on the playground a few minutes before school starts? There should be some perks that come with being the "teacher's pet."

Above: Mom, are you sure my friends are going to be wearing raincoats to school, too?#pearlsarealwaysappropriate #JackieO #classygirlswearpearls

Above: No need to be blue today! It's Friday!#Smurfette

Above: So happy to have my hooves in the sand again!

Above: First day of school! Wait until my friends see that me and Pop have a uniform too. I feel like such a big girl!

Above: Sending these balloons up to my buddy @dieselthedestroyerr in heaven. Happy First Birthday! We💗you and miss you!

Above: Relaxing in the sun after a hard day of swim practice!

Above: A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous!

Above: Home Sweet Home!

And here she is with little brother Poppleton...

Above: Hogs and kisses sweet Pop!

Above: Saturday "Fun in the Sun" Day! Don't pout Pop. You know I'm going to help you find shark's teeth after we build a sand castle. I always do!



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