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  • Top 5: cute animal clips
  • Top 5: cute animal clips
  • Top 5: cute animal clips
  • Top 5: cute animal clips
  • Top 5: cute animal clips

Top 5: cute animal clips

This week's cutest critters

Expect plenty of adorable animal action in this week's list of cute clips - from Simba the lion cub that counts a dog and a bunny rabbit as his best friends, to a Daschund puppy that decides to have a little fun with a crab she discovers on the beach.

Which fluffy video star do you like best? Tell us on Twitter or in the comments section below.

Videos compiled by social video platform Unruly

Madeline the Daschund Puppy with a Crab

Discovering a crab on the beach, Madeline the inquisitive Daschund puppy decides to investigate. While she thinks she’s found a new playmate, the terrified crab bravely tries to outwit her in an attempt to make it back into the sea. However, amusingly, Madeline does not give up that easily.

Dolphin Kisses Dog

Taken from the award-winning IMAX classic, Dolphins, a magic moment between a dolphin and a dog is caught on camera. Needless to say, the dolphin is flippin’ over the moon.

Bear cub in a garage

We’re not quite sure exactly how this mischievous bear cub got in this garage. But when he decides he can’t find the way out, he does what any child would: he calls for his mum, and boy does she come to the rescue!

Baby Turtle Eating a Raspberry

While humans can devour a raspberry in seconds, this cute baby turtle takes it, well, a little slower…

Lion Cub Plays With a Dog and a Rabbit

OK, so we all know he’s going to grow into one of the most dangerous animals on earth, but for now, Simba the lion cub just loves to play with his friends Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit. So cute!

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