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Daughter sells everything she owns to pay for her mum’s cancer treatment

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A daughter has sold all of her possessions to help fund potentially life-saving cancer treatment for her mum.

Lori Harris and her mum Lisa, who live in London, have sold everything they own, including their house, their cars, Lisa’s pension fund and any spare cash they happen to have each week.

They are using the money to fund pioneering immunotherapy treatment for Lisa, who has stage 4 ovarian metastatic cancer. The treatment is not available in the UK, so the pair have been flying to Stuttgart, Germany every three weeks for the past five months.

Each trip costs around £25,800 and, with nothing left to sell, Lori has launched a GoFundMe page to try and raise the money needed to keep her mum alive.

“I don't want to lose my mam, she is all that I have,” Lori wrote on the page.

“Money is nothing compared to a life and we have a chance at a life together. I beg you to spare even £1. We are almost there!!”

Lori and her mum Lisa

Lori and her mum Lisa

Lori has so far raised £81,485 of her £200,000 goal (at the time of writing), and hopes to reach the target soon so her mum can continue travelling to Germany for the treatment.

Immunotherapy, which has been described as “the most exciting development in cancer treatment in years”, is a combination therapy that acts to boost the body’s own ability to fight cancer cells.

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“My Mam has had incredible results and we heard from the doctor last week that she is 'almost in remission' and 'if money was not an issue i could get her into remission sooner rather than later',” she wrote on the page.

“To hear this broke my heart and to think that because she has reacted so well to the immunotherapy treatment, it is only money keeping us away from remission and a chance at a future together…

I'm in £50,000 of debt myself, I have nothing left to sell but this is what I have to do, I will never ever give up. My mam means more than anything I could ever own."

Lisa Harris

"My mam means more than anything I could ever own."

Writing on the page, Lori also gives a detailed background of her mum’s battle with cancer, describing how she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2015 after her symptoms were initially dismissed as being IBS by doctors.

“The cancer had been mistreated for years as the doctors thought it to be IBS,” she writes. 

“Because of the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer it is almost always caught too late and so treatments are so so limited. The doctors told us that she was TERMINAL and that palliative chemotherapy was all that was available, which will eventually stop working.”

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Refusing to accept the “lack of hope” that the diagnosis offered, Lisa began researching alternative treatments, which is when she found out about immunotherapy.

The pair have now been flying to Germany every three weeks since February 2017, with Lori writing that her mum is “such a fighter”.

Lori describes her mum as "such a fighter"

Lori describes her mum as "such a fighter"

Before receiving her diagnosis, Lisa worked as a carer in Chester-le-Street, while Lori studies nutrition at Kings College London while volunteering with a cancer charity in her spare time.

The pair are incredibly close and, understandably, Lori wants to do everything she can to save her mum’s life.

“We still have so far to go. As an only child and a single woman we are trying our best to do this on our own,” she writes on the page.

“The NHS can't do anything for us now. It has already been 1.5 years since the beginning of this journey and she was only given around 2 to live, so time is so precious. We really need help and support.”

You can donate on Lori and Lisa’s GoFundMe page here.

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