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Disney is finally giving us unlimited access to all of our favourite films


Disney have announced they will be launching their own version of Netflix, and it seems dreams really do come true. 

The creators of all things magical, have announced that their streaming service will be completely dedicated to all of our favourite characters and will host all of their newest offerings including Toy Story 4, Frozen 2 and live-action remake of The Lion King, giving you ample opportunity for days-long Disney marathons.

However, the new venture for Disney means that they have decided to end their partnership with Netflix, removing all of their films and TV programmes from the platform. 

While Disney films aren't widely available on Netflix UK, they are currently on the US version - and Americans aren't happy with this news. At all.

The outline launch date is currently set for 2019 in the USA initially, with plans to expand globally afterwards. This means that those using Netflix US will have until the end of 2018 to cram in as much Disney watching as possible.

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CNBC reports that Disney CEO Bob Iger says the two companies still have a “good relationship” but to make the new Disney platform truly exclusive they will be removing all Disney and Pixar films from Netflix.

Dedicated Disney fans that are keen to sign up to the new entertainment platform will be rewarded handsomely with a host of new films and TV shows that will be created for the new service. 

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, one of our favourite Disney classics

Her.ie also reports that other TV networks owned by Disney including ABC, Nickelodeon and the History Channel will be moving to the new service, which means you’ll still be able to spend your Sundays watching favourites such as Modern Family if you sign up.

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Since Disney’s announcement, US Netflix users have been expressing their disappointment on Twitter with, of course, a variety of GIFs.

One user said, “So Disney is pulling out of Netflix because they want to start their own streaming website which is sad.”

Whilst another expressed frustration in the increasing number of entertainment platforms, “Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney Direct, ESPN bla bla aaaah. Everyone want monthly subscription. Back to piracy if nothing happens soon.”

One Netflix subscriber is working hard to get that Disney viewing in now, “Here I am awake at 3 am watching moana because I don't know when Disney is going to pull its movies from Netflix.”



The full details surrounding Netflix’s relationship with Disney in the UK are still to be confirmed, so for now it looks like us Brits will be able to keep watching Disney produced films and programmes on Netflix for the foreseeable future.

Images: Rex / Twitter



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