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Telly addicts rejoice: tonight sees two great series finales hit our screens


It's a golden moment for British TV tonight, with a double whammy of explosive finales.

Viewers will be glued to the edge of their seats first with the climax of The Great British Bake Off (8pm on BBC One), where the remaining three finalists will battle it out to be crowned champion of the epic culinary contest. Will Tamal, Nadiya or Ian end up triumphant? All bets are off.

Then comes the last episode of Doctor Foster (9pm, also on BBC One), an all-consuming domestic drama that has tracked the gradual erosion of a marriage in toe-curling - and irresistible - detail.

Here two Stylist writers explain why they'll be tuning into each.

Whatever you do - Don't Go Out: 

The Great British Bake Off


The Great British Bake Off: who will triumph?

Digital Production Manager Victoria Gray on why she's hooked on GBBO:

Like that birthday cake that tastes so much better after a couple of days in a tin, The Great British Bake Off only gets better with age.

Tonight’s final is one of the most exciting in the show’s history, mainly because the series itself has given us no clues of who could triumph. As we’ve sliced away the staler contestants (remember Stu and his hat, anybody?), some true stars have emerged, and it’s neck and neck going into the final.

We are huge fans of Tamal Ray (if you couldn’t tell already) – the multi-talented junior doctor who filmed this series of Bake Off while passing his MD exams, and, as we’ve discovered from his Instagram, making wedding cakes for his friends. Plus he’s a feminist.  Enough said. 

But we would also love to see Nadiya Hussein triumph – the Leeds-based mum who wears her heart on her sleeve, or more precisely through her facial expressions. Her hilarious reactions to almost anything that happens in the tent have won us all over, and even before the result is announced she’s poised to land a book deal. Her performance in the last few episodes has lined her up in a strong position to win.

And that’s not to say that they won’t be strongly challenged by Ian, a photographer from Cambridge who has a penchant for adding roadkill to his bakes. He won star baker three times in a row, and could well come up from behind to take the winner’s crown.

And this is what’s fantastic about Bake Off.

Unlike other reality shows, it’s difficult to predict, but the outcome is always positive and loving – everyone from the judges to the presenters are rooting for the contestants.

And this has also been the series with the most mini-disasters, from melted black forest gateaux to tumbling éclair towers.

Who’s to say tonight won’t result in a dropped cake or two? I can’t wait.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster, played by Suranne Jones, grappling with her husband's betrayal

Doctor Foster, played by Suranne Jones, grappling with her husband's betrayal

Digital editor-in-chief Maggie Hitchins explains why addiction to Doctor Foster has left her screaming at the TV screen:

Tonight is the night.

The dinner table is set. The picture perfect family and their charming guests are seated. The white wine is chilled and waiting to be poured.

And speaking of wine,  you better help yourself to a very generous glass because tonight’s series finale of Doctor Foster is set to be one of the most intense and emotional hours of television you will watch this year.

To recap. Seemingly happily married, brilliantly successful Doctor Foster – played by Suranne Jones - is ensconced in suburbia with her handsome husband and charming son having relocated from London several years ago. When we met the couple – four episodes back - they appeared to be the picture of domestic bliss; saccharine flirting, enthusiastic sex sessions and all.

But domestic bliss, as we all know, is an ephemeral concept.  And a lone hair on husband Simon’s scarf is all it takes to transform this picture perfect family, and the woman who was so proud of it, into something quite different.  The seed of doubt is planted, and it takes no time at all for our protagonist to realise the life she has been living is a lie.


Gogglebox's Steph is gripped by Doctor Foster

Episodes two and three saw Doctor Foster in dogged pursuit of the truth, making some rash - and at times implausible - decisions along the way. Now, as we gear up for tonight’s show, our protagonist is suspended from the job she loves, isolated from her friends and her sole focus is avenging the man who has been deceiving her for years.

Tonight’s final will open on an impromptu dinner party - the only invited guests being her cheating husband, his perky young mistress, her unsuspecting family…oh, and Doctor Foster herself.

The brilliance of this five part series is that it has made a scorned wife of us all. You only needed to watch Gogglebox favourite posh Steph react to the scene in which husband Simon outright lied to his wife’s face to see it.  Steph’s heartbreak was so visceral, her pain so real…it was as if her very own posh Dom had betrayed her himself.

The wonderful Suranne Jones’ spectacular portrayal of a woman determined to discover if the life she has been living is built on quicksand has been spine-tingling to behold. I, and thousands of others, have been screaming at the television urging her to leave, to confront, and to prove to that bastard that she knows.

But now, on the day of the final showdown, I feel grateful that writer Mike Bartlett didn’t give me that quick and easy pay off.

The dinner party from hell is just hours away, and I can’t wait to have a front row seat. 


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