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Dog breaks into studio to help reporter read the news

dog news blooper.JPG

There’s nothing better than a good blooper – unless, of course, it’s a blooper that involves an incredibly enthusiastic dog.

Now, we’ll admit: our offices aren’t entirely devoid of dogs, and we think nothing of it when a fluffy face suddenly emerges from beneath a desk (although we still let out a stifled scream if a cold, wet little nose unexpectedly presses against our leg).

For Russian news anchor Linarte, however, dogs just aren’t a part of her working day. So, when an incredibly friendly black Labrador crashed her live report, she was… well, she was more than a little surprised.

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As the pooch bursts out from beneath the desk and does his best to read out the bulletins, a look of pure alarm crosses Linarte’s face.

Ever the professional, however, she manages to pull herself together and informs producers: “I’ve got a dog here.”

Sure, she’s stating the obvious – but what more can you do when there’s a dog enthusiastically slobbering all over your desk on live TV, eh?

Check it out:

For some reason, nobody comes to retrieve the dog. Nobody. And so he remains happily propped up against the desk for the rest of the interview.

Linarte, who clearly isn’t a fan of strange show-hijacking dogs, eventually brings herself to give him a little pat on the head.

“I actually prefer cats,” she tells the dog – who, clearly unable to speak Russian, seems blissfully unaware of the massive slight she’s just given him.

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Naturally, the clip has gone viral – and everyone has taken to Twitter to praise the pooch for his incredibly news-reading skills.

If he doesn’t get his very own news show soon, we’re going to give him a call and see if he fancies working at Stylist. We have a feeling that his can-do attitude would definitely prove an asset to the company (fact: dogs are proven stress-relievers) – or, failing that, he’d keep us well and truly amused with his daily antics.

After all, he really is such a good boy.

Images: Twitter


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