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Elderly gent fills his entire Instagram with wonderful posts about his wife

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For years, Disney taught us about the importance of “true love’s first kiss” and nailing that happy-ever-after, but they never revealed what happened next. That is, of course, until 2009’s Up, which, in a beautiful five-minute sequence, revealed the ordinary magic that can be found in a love that lasts a lifetime.

There are tears, trials and tribulations, but Carl and Ellie support and cherish another throughout their lives as they grow old together. And, as the years roll by, their love for one another only deepens.

Now, at last, we think we’ve found the real-life Carl and Ellie – and they’re on Instagram.

Octogenarian Geoffrey Walker has become something of an internet hero thanks to his account, which he’s filled to the brim with lovely posts about his wife, Pauline.

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Lauren Skell, who follows him on the social media site, screen-grabbed a few of his best posts and uploaded them to her Twitter.

“This old man I know always posts instas of his wife, and they’re so sweet,” she wrote. “Bless him.”

The post touched the hearts of thousands upon thousands of people, being retweeted 54,246 times and liked by over 179,070 users.

“We all need a bit of happiness in this world, made my day a bit brighter,” wrote one.

Another added: “I love being emotional first thing in the morning.”

65 years ago today at Bagworth church, and still going strong😍😍😍

A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on

Of course, there were plenty of references to that all-important ‘#couplegoals’, too, and Walker, 86, has seen his Instagram following zoom up to dizzying new heights as a result.

He now has more than 26,000 people signed up to his feed – and the number is growing by the day.

I have no words

A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on

Speaking to metro.co.uk about his newfound fame, Walker admitted that he genuinely hadn’t noticed he’d picked up so many followers until very recently, when one of his five grandchildren messaged him about it.

He went on to explain that he’d mainly joined the site to stay in touch with his family (he also has three children and seven great-grandchildren) – but couldn’t resist sharing photos of his beloved wife once he logged on.

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“I always include pictures of Pauline especially doing her craft work – she gained an A level for arts and crafts in the 6th form at King Edward 7th when she was 70 years old,” a proud Walker told them.

“We were married in 1951 when I was a soldier, I left for overseas duty shortly afterwards and returned some 18 months later to write my book to tell the story of our love during this long separation.”

Looking forward to Pauline coming home soon 😍😍

A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on

Yup, you read that right: this total prince has penned an actual book about his endless love for his wife – and you can buy your very own copy of From Budbrook Barracks to China and Japan on amazon.co.uk.

Walker wrote the £1.62 Kindle book, which promises to reveal the “true account of lovers separated by conflict”, with a little help from his and Pauline’s 60-year-old love letters, which he rescued from the attic. 

A dinner date

A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on

So far, there are no reviews – but we imagine more than a few of his curious fans will be tempted to download the story before too long.

In the meantime, you can follow Walker on Instagram for more snippets of pure joy; a little dose of true love is exactly what the doctor ordered for these troubled times.

Images: instagram/geoffreywalk


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