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We Found Love as you've never heard it before


Manic morning at work? Need a relaxing tune to soothe away the stress? Try this surprisingly chilled out remix of Rihanna's club hit.

If, like us, you were overly familiar with the radio playlist of 1999 (what do you mean you didn't sit in the bath every Sunday night listening to the Top 40?), you'll remember Swedish singer Emilia and her massive hit Big Big World. If you can't remember it, here's a refresher (complete with Youtube comments that will make you feel very old indeed).

Well now, Emilia is back as Emilia Mitiku, with a new album, and a cover of Rihanna's We Found Love that we've, well fallen in love with. Have a listen - we guarantee it will improve your Tuesday.

Emilia has said she's a very different artist to the girl from 1999, and after being "everybody's darling" in her early career, now her "way of dealing with a blue day, with a difficult thought in my head, is notes, tones". So expect melodic, but slightly mournful jazz and blues on her new album, plus some more covers of Ella Fitzgerald and Doris Day. If it's anything like the above, we can't wait.



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