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Who needs words? The London restaurant where you can order your food with an emoji


A London restaurant has launched a summer menu that can only be ordered by messaging emojis of the relevant menu items.

If you’ve ever suggested dinner plans with just a pizza, burger or pasta emoji to hint at what you want to eat, then your ideal haunt has just emerged.

The Little Yellow Door in West London’s Notting Hill’s summer menu has a slightly off-the-wall innovation, whereby customers order by WhatsApp-ing an emoji description of dishes to the staff.

The Little Yellow Door, Notting Hill, London

The casual 'house party' interior of the The Little Yellow Door, which is serving the emoji-only menu this summer

The emoji menu is somewhat of a riddle, ridding customers of some of the overly flamboyant descriptions of dishes that many London restaurants are guilty of, and adding a level of gamification to their ordering experience which will either frustrate - or delight - patrons.

For instance, a seared steak roll with truffle mayo, caramelized onions and rocket becomes:

Emoji Menu steak with rocket

And buffalo wings with crudities and blue cheese dip looks like this:

Emoji menu buffalo wings with carrot and blue cheese

As well as food items you can also order cocktails, such as The Little Yellow Door’s house punch:

Emoji menu cocktails house punch

Many of the emojis featured on the menu are part of the new release of emojis added to the Unicode directory on June 21, but still sadly lacking on our handsets for the time being.

However, the kitchen are happy to interpret the messages of its customers using the current emoji offering.

The Little Yellow Door’s owner Kamran Dehdashti says “We like to embrace technology and we thought this could be a cool way to engage with our audience. Emojis are now really part of everyday conversation. 

“When we first opened we pioneered doing all our bookings by WhatsApp. The reason being that if you were going over to someone’s house, you’d probably text or WhatsApp them.”

Having an emoji-only menu is par for  the course in the ever-evolving London restaurant scene - but whether it will spark a trend of emoji-only reviews is yet to be seen.



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