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New graphic poster catalogues every Friends episode with a simple icon


While most of us have seen every episode of Friends ever, thanks to many a TV re-run, that doesn't mean we don't still love watching Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey do their thing. 

Netflix in America has even made all 10 series available to their subscribers (alas, not in the UK yet), and to celebrate, a design duo have come up with an ingenious way to represent all 236 episodes in one incredible poster. 

Taking each episode, re:design studio, Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński, have created an icon for each one, and placed them on a large poster that includes all 10 series of the popular New York-based sitcom. 

But there are some more complex themes that are trickier to represent and that only true Friends obsessives will understand, such as The One After Vegas, which features a key. Fans will recall that Monica and Chandler decide against getting married in Vegas but do decide to move in together.

Then there's The One Where Chandler Can't Cry - this is a picture of E.T. as that's the film the gang are watching when they discover Chandler's inability to get emotional. 

The best bit, other than reliving all those favourite Friends memories? You can buy the poster here. The designers have even created individual posters for each separate series too, so you can select your favourite season to hang on your wall, which you can buy here

Could we be more excited?

Friends poster
Friends posters
Friends posters

And if you need any more convincing, here's a gif of Ross and his sofa. 



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