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Female politician covered up

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There has been a government cover-up in Canada – quite literally.

Rathika Sitsabaiesan, 29, is the country’s first ever Tamil-Canadian MP representing Scarborough-Rouge River and has been called “the most compelling of the new crop of young New Democratic Party (NDP) MPs” by the country’s media. But she’s been attracting column inches for rather a different reason recently, after it was noticed that her parliamentary profile shot had been photoshopped to remove her cleavage. Apparently Canadian officials thought the original image, clearly showing Sitabaiesan’s chest, was inappropriate for a job as formal as the one she holds in parliament. It is unclear, however, which officials requested the alterations to be made to the image.


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Hearse heist

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Anyone for a frog shake?


Will Amanda Knox ever have the life she dreamed of?



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