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First Dates fans, the show’s first ever baby has been born

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Ibiba Mudada and Aarron Stewart first clapped eyes on one another on Channel 4’s First Dates in 2016.

And it seems as if producers did a pretty good job in matching these two up, as, almost a year later, Ibiba and Aarron are still together – not to mention the proud parents of a healthy baby girl.

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Aziza, whose name means ‘precious’ and ‘respected’, was born on 22 April 2017, making her the first ever First Dates baby.

She was conceived just seven weeks after Ibiba and Aarron met on the televised dating show. But, while her parents have admitted that the pregnancy was unexpected, Ibiba added that modern relationships tend to move at a “much faster pace”.

“It’s true that our meeting and the speed with which we’ve started a family is certainly far from traditional,” the 28-year-old care worker told the Mail on Sunday. “And it is hardly ideal to do everything so fast.

“But that is the nature of modern Britain. Things move at a much faster pace these days.”

Ibiba and Aarron met on First Dates back in June 2016

Ibiba and Aarron met on First Dates back in June 2016

Ibiba, 28, continued: “Very few people are lucky enough, as we are, to be able to sit down and watch over and over the very first second we set eyes on each other. We both genuinely believe it was practically love at first sight.

“When we are pensioners I want to be able to remember that first moment and recall the way my heart skipped a beat the instant I saw Aarron.”

Aarron – who, like Ibiba, has children from a previous relationship – added: “Right now Aziza is the most important thing in our world. “But convention and tradition are both very important to us so buying a home and getting married will be our next goals.”

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Aarron and Ibiba were brought together on the show back in June 2016, and discovered that they live just two minutes apart in Bristol. They also learned that they have a family connection: Ibiba’s mum and Aarron’s dad had worked for 10 years together as social workers.

During their date, however, Aarron expressed reluctance at having any more children – which turned out to be more than a little awkward as, by the time the episode aired in October, Ibiba was already pregnant.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror shortly after the episode aired, Aarron said: “It hit me when I went to the first scan how excited I was. I can’t wait to go back to the restaurant with our new baby and show Fred, the maître d’.

“I never expected to find love, let alone have a kid. It’s absolutely nuts – but I’m so happy.”

Aarron is now planning to move in with Ibiba – and the pair have even discussed marriage. If they do decide to tie the knot, they wouldn’t be the first First Dates proposal.

As longtime fans of the show will no doubt be aware, bearded couple Adam and Dan – who appeared on the show in November 2015 – announced that they were engaged in January last year.

And Scott famously popped the question to Victoria during the 2016 Christmas special of the show.

Eight months later, however, they called off their engagement – and deleted one another from social media.

Images: Channel 4



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