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First Dates is offering us all free food to sit in the background of the show

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It’s no secret that we’re absolutely obsessed with Channel 4’s First Dates; there’s nothing quite like a dash of romantic voyeurism on a weekday evening, after all.

Sat cosily on our sofas at home, with a bowl of popcorn close to hand, we’ve watched countless blind dates sit down to eat dinner together, cringed at all the awkward moments, and waited with bated breath to hear whether or not they’d like to see one another again.

But, as it turns out, we can now get even closer to the action, because First Dates bosses are looking for people keen to eat in the background of the restaurant as they film the main dates.

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Better still, you don’t even have to eat with a stranger; couples and singles alike are being encouraged to apply.

You can even meet Fred Siriex

You can even meet Fred Siriex

The ad reads: “Calling all couples and singles, would you like to be on a background date in the First Dates restaurant? Channel 4’s First Dates is returning and looking for couples and singles to come on as BACKGROUND daters in the First Dates restaurant.

“You won't be the main feature but you may appear in an episode and experience where the magic happens. To help you with the cost of the meal, we provide each of our daters with £25. Daters must be 18 and over.”

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So, to break it down, they’re offering us…

  • A £25 voucher for London’s Paternoster Chop House, which can be spent on steaks, burgers, pies, beer-battered cod fillets, vegetarian curries, and more
  • The possibility of seeing ourselves on TV (cue frantic calls of “mum, switch over to Channel 4 - I’m on the telly!”)
  • The ability to spy on a plethora of entertaining blind dates
  • The chance to meet Fred Siriex.

So, yeah, we’re sold.

If you’re tempted to apply, then you can send an email to backgrounddaters@twentytwenty.tv if you are interested in applying. C'mon, you know you want to.

First Dates airs on Channel 4.

Images: Channel 4


first dates 2.jpg

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