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First Dates viewers praise woman for confronting man who dumped her by text

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From the first ever First Dates baby, to the grand opening of the First Dates Hotel in Southern France, our favourite dating reality show has generated a huge amount of conversation on Twitter over the years.

But, as any stalwart fan of the Channel 4 show knows, there’s nothing people love talking about more than a seriously awkward first date. And last night’s episode, which kicked off a brand-new series of First Dates, certainly delivered on that front.

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We were introduced to 47-year-old Emma, who revealed that she is an “experienced” dater. Confident and incredibly self-aware, the mother of two added that men often “throw themselves at her” – and she had high hopes for her time in the First Dates restaurant.

However Emma was taken aback as her date for the evening walked up and sat next to her at the bar.

“Oh my god,” she said. “They [the producers] must have known.”

Peter, 48, replied: “They couldn’t have known. Obviously they think we should have gone out together.”

Yup, you guessed it: those wily Channel 4 bosses had only gone and paired Emma up with a man she’d dated before.

Despite maître d’ Fred Sirieix encouraging Emma to “give it a second go”, the date grew steadily more awkward, with things reaching peak-cringe when it was revealed that Peter had actually dumped Emma 18 months ago by text – not to mention blocked her on social media.

Attempting to explain his bad behaviour, a floundering Peter said: “I don’t do drama or confrontation.”

Unimpressed, Emma responded: “You could have done it in a better way. I don’t do text dumping.”

Clearly feeling the glares of viewers upon him, Peter apologised for his actions and begged Emma for a second date.

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It was already too late, however, as everyone watching had well and truly decided whose side they were on.

“He blocked her on Instagram?” wrote one in disbelief. “He dumped her by TEXT? Oh wow. Emma, you deserve so much better.”

Another added: “I’d have gone to the loo and left him at the table.”

However Emma did no such thing: instead, she decided to sit through the meal – and, come the end of it all, she explained to Peter exactly why she would never date him again. Ever.

“I don't think you realised the impact [that dumping me like that] had on me,” she told him, adding that she viewed it as a form of betrayal.

“At the time, you didn't [think about my feelings] and because of that I wouldn't date you again. 

“I just don't think I would trust you.”

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Viewers watching at home quickly took to Twitter to applaud Emma for her decision.

Emma’s stance echoes that famous Sex and the City scene, which saw Berger unceremoniously dump Carrie Bradshaw via a post-it note.

And, as Carrie never got the chance to tell Berger how she felt about that, we have a feeling that the SATC character would have been cheering Emma on in a very big way.

After all, women aren’t angry irrational psychos. We just want an ending to a relationship that is thoughtful and decent and honours what we had together.

Or, to cut right to the chase, there is a good way to breakup with someone - and it doesn’t include a post-it text message.

First Dates returns next Tuesday night at 10pm.


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