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A 106-year-old woman was denied the right to vote in the General Election


She has survived two world wars, and was there to celebrate the pivotal moment that women were finally granted the vote. And yet, just weeks after celebrating her 106th birthday, grandmother and politico Amy Winifred Hawkins was turned away at the polling stations in yesterday’s general election.

The passionate voter, affectionately known as Win, visited her local polling station in Monmouth, Wales, to be told that she couldn’t have a ballot paper.

“Upon arriving she was told that she was not on the electoral roll,” said her granddaughter Hannah Freeman in a Facebook post.


The social media post continued: “This was my Gran who, at 106, walked into our local polling station - a voter all her life.

“I have seen the electoral roll letter and saw her name quite clearly on it at the beginning of the year.

“She has been a political supporter all her life and been through two world wars – it is outrageous that she could not place what is possibly her last vote ever."

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Devastated to hear she could not cast her ballot, Win said: “I was born in 1911, I've seen two world wars, I've seen votes for women, I've seen pensions for all and the miners' strike.”

“And today - they wouldn't let me vote.”

Polling station

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Hundreds of people have shared the Facebook post in support for Win, with one calling her a “heroine”.

“Your lovely Gran took herself to vote and was let down? This is disgraceful,” said another.

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Polling day marked the 104th anniversary of the day that suffragette Emily Davidson sacrificed her life to secure women the vote.

Unfortunately, Win’s hardship was also shared by several students at Keele University.

The students, who were voting for the first time in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme constituency, were denied the right to vote after tellers were said to have been given an old polling register.

Images: Facebook and Rex Features


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