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Giant chocolate Christmas tree


Our mouths are watering in the Stylist office today at the sight of this giant, four ton chocolate Christmas tree

The French chocolatier Patrick Roger, renowned for his unique and exquisite chocolate sculptures, has created a ten metre tall Christmas tree for a charity telethon in France, which aims to raise money for neuromuscular diseases. He has also created giant chocolate festive sculptures of Santa and his reindeer, but they’re not on the same scale as the tree.

Roger describes his chocolate tree creation as a piece of architecture. "To achieve this kind of architecture – because this really is a piece of architecture – we used a sort of cavity inside to make the chocolate solid enough, because there is very strong vertical pressure.”

If you want to recreate this at home, Roger used four tonnes of chocolate, which equates to 800,000 regular-sized bars. Unless you want to pimp your Christmas tree, we’d leave it to the professionals and admire from afar.


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