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Are you ready for the UK’s national gin festival?


Gin, in all of its botanical-based glory, is absolutely one of our favourite drinks; not does it taste phenomenal, but the humble G&T is also packed to the brim with health benefits – which makes us feel mighty smug when we pour ourselves a glass of the stuff on a Friday night.

So, naturally, we were ecstatic to learn that the UK’s original Gin Festival is touring the country once again.

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With over 100 gins, top craft distillers, masterclasses, live music, delicious food, a wealth of ‘ginformation’, and a plethora of free samples on offer, the festival promises to be the number one destination for all fans of mother’s ruin.

Let's talk about gin, baby

Let's talk about gin, baby

The long-running celebration was first launched in 2013 by Jym and Marie Harris, a gin-loving husband and wife duo intent on finding somewhere to sample the world’s finest G&Ts, enjoy fantastic entertainment, nibble on gourmet treats, and chat with like-minded people. All under the same roof.

Nowadays, it’s a total hit – and one of the biggest events in the calendar for any seasoned gin fan.

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Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, a spokesman for the festival explained: “Gin Festival isn’t just about the gin and tonics though, there’s a regular cocktail bar serving up fantastic gin-based libations, as well as additional seasonal treats.

“You can chat to the distillers and brands who love to make gin, drink gin and share a sample or two.

“If they get you hooked, attend one of the amazing masterclasses where you can learn all about gin how it’s made, its history and beyond.”

And, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can “just relax” and “soak up the atmosphere” as you “relish every gin and tonic.

“You can chat to the distillers and brands who love to make gin, drink gin and share a sample or two!"

“You can chat to the distillers and brands who love to make gin, drink gin and share a sample or two!"

Running from February until July, the 2017 Gin Festival will be visiting 15 different spots in the UK, including Glasgow, Blackpool, Manchester, Swansea, Bristol, Gloucester, Oxford, and Ipswich.

In each location, festival organisers will put on three sessions, each lasting four and a half hours, with tickets priced at £10.46 per person (which includes a special edition balloon glass).

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 If you’re interested (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be?), you can visit the Gin Festival website to find out more about the dates and venues – as well as purchase your tickets.

However, if they’ve already sold out, then do check out some of the other fine gin experiences in the UK right here.

Images: Gin Festival / iStock



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