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Girls fans, this tense new trailer suggests the very last season won’t be a happy one


A brand  new trailer for the final series of Girls has been released.

The 45-second clip, which HBO unveiled overnight, brings us inside a “group meeting” between the girls – and it soon becomes clear that their friendship has been left severely fractured after events of the fifth season.

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“I don’t want to have a group meeting,” snaps Hannah (Lena Dunham) – who is, incidentally, wearing the same pink t-shirt and dungarees combo that she can be seen in for those ‘pregnancy photos’.

“Well, that’s one thing we can all agree on,” replies Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet).

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

Tensions certainly seem to be running high, don’t they? And, to be honest, we’re not all that surprised; after all, the last time we saw the Girls, they were still reeling from the news that Jessa (Jemima Kirke) had decided to get romantically involved with Hannah’s ex Adam (Adam Driver).

In the new trailer, we see Jessa is keen to make amends for this, but Hannah is not interested.

“I don’t think we ever acted like friends,” she says coolly. 

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While the rumoured pregnancy storyline has not been touched upon in the trailer, it’s safe to say that Hannah has a lot to think about in the final season – both in her personal and professional life.

Marnie (Allison Williams), meanwhile, is balancing her own singing career, her failing marriage and her relationship with Desi, and Shoshanna seems more than a little lost when it comes to deciding what she should do next.

Throw in Jessa’s moral dilemma over Adam (not to mention the fact Driver and Dunham have been snapped filming a few intimate scenes for the show), and it seems less and less likely that the final season of Girls is getting that big happy-ever-after that TV fans are used to.

"We're having a group meeting"

"We're having a group meeting"

Dunham previously hinted that the show wouldn’t be neatly tying up all those loose ends for viewers – nor would it end with a cliché.

“It just felt as though, if we were to continue on, it wouldn't be about what it was originally about,” she said. “It would be the equivalent of moving them to California, only California is them getting married and having kids and stuff like that.

“It just feels like at this point, it makes sense for us to wrap their stories up."

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However HBO's Kathleen McCaffrey, who's worked closely with the show's team, has insisted that fans of Girls will be more than satisfied with the show’s conclusion.

“[We have] found a beautiful way to close the story that feels both satisfying and I think leaves it open for the possibility for all of us to wonder what happens to each of them,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think it's really well done, well-constructed and beautifully told.”

Meanwhile the show, which has often made headlines for its cultural impact on modern-day women, was recently praised by Cynthia Nixon – aka Miranda Hobbs from SATC.

Speaking with Net-A-Porter’s digital magazine The Edit, the 50-year-old admitted that she thinks Girls is far more important for women than her own show ever was.

“When sex was bad on Sex and the City, it was funny. And the worse it was, the funnier it was,” she said. “But when sex is bad on Girls, it can be really hard to watch, and it’s sometimes abusive, and it’s important to show that.”

The sixth and final season of Girls airs 12 February 2017 on HBO.


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