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“I'm down for it”: Jenni Konner says there could be a Girls spin-off


The finale of Girls aired this Monday, closing with a scene that sees Hannah Horvath finally come to a realisation about her direction in life, as she’s found a bond with her son Grover and looks resolutely ahead. But it’s hard not to feel a little lost ourselves.

After living through six season of the show we’d became pretty invested in the lives of the Jessa, Marnie, Shoshanna and Hannah – even if they weren’t always likable and did a lot of inexplicable things on their journeys.

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So it’s very exciting news that a Girls spin-off could be happening. The hint of a sequel of some sort comes from Lena Dunham’s co-writer Jenni Konner.

"I would do any [idea, like a spin-off or a movie,]" Konner told Business Insider. "The thing is I don’t think spin-offs are in HBO’s DNA, really. I mean they haven’t really done it before. I’m down for it. I’m into a movie, too, but no one’s asked.”




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And the key piece of information being that she says: “We’re down for it all." Which means that it could just be a case of finding a production house. Fingers crossed.

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The stars of the show appeared equally as mournful as the finale aired in the US, with Allison Williams writing that she didn’t know how to put her feelings into words as she joined Dunham to watch the final episode in Brooklyn “much as it all begun.”


For now, at least we have six seasons of the show to re-watch.

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