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Mary Berry confirmed as judge for The Great British Bake Off spin-off show

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Christmas has always been a time for kindness, festive cheer, and miracles – and it’s definitely delivered the goods in this latest Bake Off bombshell.

Mary Berry (aka the Queen of Cakes) recently announced her intention to quit The Great British Bake Off forever, after the BBC lost rights to air the show to Channel 4. Naturally, we were all very upset to hear that the dream team of Paul Hollywood and his beloved Bezza had been broken up forever – and we all assumed that the forthcoming Christmas episodes of GBBO were the last time we’d ever see her in the tent again.

But, thankfully, that isn’t the case.

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As a matter of fact, the 81-year-old has been confirmed for a brand-new spin-off of the iconic baking show.

And, yes, Berry’s going stateside for it.

Aptly titled The Great American Baking Show, the US version of the show will see 10 bakers battle it out over eight themed episodes – complete with a signature, technical, and showstopper challenge for each.

That’s a whopping 24 bakes - leaving plenty of room for Baked Alaska scandals, incessant crying over spilled milk, and a plethora of soggy bottoms.

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Mel and Sue – who also announced their decision to quit The Great British Bake Off earlier this year – will not be joining Mary on the show. However the Hollywood-based husband-and-wife presenting team sounds absolutely incredible.

Anyone else excited to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Nia Vardalos and her husband, Ian Gomez, share their thoughts on all things baked and delicious? We thought as much.

The Great American Baking Show is arriving on ABC in the States on Friday December 2, and it’s based on the British original.

A description of the show reads: “In a magical, warm yet utterly dramatic eight-part series, a selection of the nation's best amateur bakers will compete in a series of themed challenges and eliminations as they look to be crowned America's Best Amateur Baker.”

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No word yet on who Mary’s co-judge will be (we doubt it’s going to be Paul), but we’re envisaging someone like Gordon Ramsay – if only to see the octogenarian’s blue eyes widen in shocked disapproval every time he drops the F-bomb.

Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez

Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez

Annoyingly, there are no plans for the episodes to air in the UK for now – but we imagine that plenty of dedicated fans will find a way to watch them (hint: try the internet).

For now, we guess we’ll have to sate our appetites for Mary Berry’s judging prowess with The Great Christmas Bake Off.

Roll on December already…

Image credits: Mary Berry’s Easter Feast – BBC/Shine TV/Craig Harman



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