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“So, when are you going to have kids?”: an illustrated guide to the best comebacks from inspiring women

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No matter the age, colour, title or status, at some point in life, every woman will be asked the question - when are you going to have children? It's rarely a question of if.

But for so many of us the answer isn't a given. Some never find the right time, some would rather just not procreate, and some cannot due to reasons beyond their control. 

Whatever the outcome, it shouldn't matter. I can think of so many brilliant women in my life who are child-free, but are certainly no less successful, happy or fulfilled. Yet, a stigma still surrounds women over a certain age who don't have children.

When Jennifer Aniston penned a letter hitting back at the media's obsession over the status of her uterus, it was a smack in this century's face. Society is still comparing a woman's worth to her reproductive status.

For that reason, I decided to celebrate and bring to life the most empowering (and wittiest) answers famous women over the age of 35 have given in response to not having children.

And for women who experience this in the office, at family reunions and on social media every day, here is a shareable, illustrated guide on the best comebacks to the dreaded question, "So, when are you going to have kids?"

Zooey Deschanel Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Jennifer Aniston Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Katharine Hepburn Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Gloria Steinem Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Kim Cattrall Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Dita Von Teese Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Helen Mirren Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Cameron Diaz Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Anjelica Huston Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women

Oprah Winfrey Sejal Kapadia Pocha child free women


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