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“Channelling Ms Samantha Jones...” Is Kim Cattrall already filming an SATC spin-off?


Over the past few weeks, Kim Cattrall has been making hearts skip everywhere with all of her loaded hints about a possible Sex and the City spin-off TV show.

And now she’s teased the potential Samantha Jones vehicle once again with her first ever Boomerang on Instagram.

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Just a few weeks ago, US talk show host Wendy Williams discussed the rumours that Cattrall was in talks with HBO to reprise her role as the straight-talking, sexually empowered, generally awesome Jones – and Cattrall got in touch over Twitter.

“I’m so unbelievably flattered & moved,” she wrote, replying to a tweet Williams had posted on the topic. “Can’t WAIT 2 get back to the series business of making u all laugh! Fingers x’d.”

So, essentially, she all but confirmed the rumour.

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So you can imagine how excited fans were when, dressed in a leopard print dress and dangling earrings in the short clip (below), she let slip that she was “channelling Ms Samantha Jones once again…”

And, yes, it does look like she’s on the set of a TV or film set:

My 1st Boomerang, Honey! Channeling Ms Samantha Jones once again .....

A video posted by Kim Cattrall (@kimcattrall) on

The 58-year-old didn't give us very much to go on, but, thankfully, her make-up artist Nick Barose was also at hand to document the experience on social media.

Taking to his own Instagram, he shared a similar photo, which teased the fact that the pair had been “reunited” for a “secret project”.

Reunited @kimcattrall #SecretProject #KimCattrall

A photo posted by Nick Barose (@dilokritbarose) on

Could this secret project be the Sam Jones spin-off we’ve all been dreaming of?

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Then again, the beloved character may not be flying solo, as Sarah Jessica Parker – aka Carrie Bradshaw – also hinted that the whole SATC gang could be getting together for a reunion TV series or movie.

“I don’t think any of us have said no,” she said in September. “I don’t know whether it’s a series or the movie… I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved. I think that’s always a possibility, definitely.”

The suspense is killing us. Fingers crossed their project is confirmed very soon…

Kim Cattrall as Emily French

Kim Cattrall as Emily French

If you need a Cattrall fix ASAP, however, don’t despair: the talented actor is set to wow British audiences in BBC One’s The Witness for the Prosecution this Christmas.

Adapted from one of Agatha Christie’s lesser-known short stories, the script (which has been penned by Sarah Phelps, a long-time writer on EastEnders) takes us back to 1920s London. The plot revolves around Leonard Vole (Billy Howle) as he is arrested for the brutal murder of a glamorous socialite, shortly after being named the sole heir to her enormous fortune. Tad suspicious, wouldn’t you say?

And, even more damningly, his wife (Andrea Riseborough) is the star witness for the prosecution.

Cattrall is set to play Emily French in the BBC One adaptation, which will be aired on Boxing Day and the day after – and, while little is known about her role, stills from the show have confirmed she’s getting some seriously sumptuous costumes. And a very fluffy Bond villain-esque cat.

Roll on Boxing Day 2016…

Images: Rex Pictures, BBC One


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