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London In Puddles photo series


Photographer Gavin Hammond has made good use of the capital’s rain-soaked reputation with a new photo series entitled London In Puddles.

As the name suggests, Hammond’s photo art captures London landmarks and street scenes reflected in puddles on the pavement. Shot using a Lomo LC-A camera, Hammond's photos are an atmospheric, almost spooky, new view of the capital’s most famous sights.

ABOVE: Big Ben reflected in a puddle

ABOVE: Carnaby Street's iconic entrance sign, reflected in a puddle

Speaking about his photographs, Hammond explained that he discovered the technique, which finds him getting down - and often dirty - on London’s pavements, by accident when walking along the Southbank area of the Thames:

ABOVE: Buckingham Palace reflected in a puddle; Gavin has been barked at by a Queen's guard while taking his puddle pictures

ABOVE: A puddle photo of an ice cream van at the columns of the British Museum

“It began to rain as I approached the London Eye and a large flock of tourists were blocking my way,” said Hammond. “I hate to be in a crowd so I stared at my feet as I waited for them to pass. And lo! a beautiful reflection of one of the gondolas emerged from a puddle, like a vision from another world, a view of a parallel universe. Instantly, I was hooked.”

ABOVE': The Houses of Parliament reflected in a puddle

Although hanging about on pavements does come with some risks – Hammond has been almost run over by cyclists, threatened by a drug dealer and shouted at by white van drivers – it's good to know someone is producing something beautiful out of all of this wet weather.

ABOVE: A Dickensian high-wire street performer in Covent Garden

ABOVE: London shopping mecca Regent Street, reflected in a puddle

For more information and to see more London In Puddles photos, head to www.gavinhammond.com

Image credit: Gavin Hammond/Rex Features



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