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Macabre Miss Cakehead strikes again with edible slaughtered pigs and severed lamb heads


A marzipan sow's ear lies in a pool of congealed blood (aka strawberry sauce), as a pink-haired woman in a gingham frock gorges on an edible severed lamb's head and a grisly pig corpse coated in toffee hangs from the ceiling.

It could only be the work of Miss Cakehead, a food art curator famed for her gruesome installations made from the medium of cake.

Miss Cakehead's latest project is more bloodthirsty than ever before. She's masterminded Cakeageddon - "the world's first edible horror farm" - going live at Standalone Farm in Letchworth Garden City this Halloween.

Photo: Jack Margerison

Photo: Jack Margerison

Coming live horror action with cake, the creative director has transformed an ordinary family farm into a gory interactive experience featuring some of the world's most skilled and creative bakers.

Visitors (preferably those in possession of a strong stomach) will be invited to partake in a blood-spattered tour of Cakeageddon in all its grisly glory.

The farm aims to present guests with "a twisted fairy tale for your taste buds", with highlights including Three (Slaughtered) Little Pigs and "Dead" Riding Hood and her basket of intestines - all in 100 percent edible form.

Far from frolicking around, the farm's lambs will be seen lying in pieces of fluid-y pulp, their strawberry sauce blood splattered over the twee white fence of their pen.

Miss Cakehead as Dead Riding Hood, cakes by Totally Sugar & Caking It, Photo: Jack Margerison

Photo: Miss Insomnia Tulip

The experience will be accompanied by two Eat Your Heart Out cake shops selling repellent-looking baked goods; one at Standalone Farm, and the other based at the Hoxton Hotel in London.

After all, as the website says, "No hideous night of murder would be complete without a grisly souvenir, but instead of a bloody glove or scrap of skin, you can take home a truly mouth watering taste of terror."

The pièce de résistance of the show is the Slaughtered Little Pig cake (below), accompanied by a blood-thirsty Big Bad Wolf. The incredible, giant and repulsively graphic sculpture is the brain child of cake artists The Tattooed Bakers, who created it in just a few days.

"I wanted to share some more of the brilliant images taken behind the scenes at the photo shoot last week," said Miss Cakehead, of the photos shown below. "I have no idea how they got such a large cake to hang like this and my mind is blown at the level of artistry involved in making a cake look this real."

Nathan Pask 2014 / Tattooed Bakers, Photo: Jack Margerison

Photo: Nathan Pask 2014 / Tattooed Bakers

Other cake masters and crafters of misery responsible for monstrous installations at Cakeageddon include Nevie Pie Cakes, Fancy Nancy Cakes, Daniel P Carter, Totally Sugar and Caking It.

If you fancy submersing yourself in the horror of it all, book tickets now on the Cakeageddon website. You can find out more about Miss Cakehead's work on her Twitter page.

Let the repellent cake fest commence!

Photo: Nathan Pask 2014 / Tattooed Bakers

Photo: Nathan Pask 2014 / Tattooed Bakers



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