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Marsala must-haves: lovely pieces in the new Pantone colour of the year

The Pantone colour of 2015 has been revealed, and it's marsala. No wiser? That's an earthy wine red to you and I.

A versatile shade, marsala can be incorporated easily into your everyday wardrobe and keep your living room up with the Joneses via a few well-chosen accessories. Or, of course, you could claim you're only indulging in the pinot noir to stay on trend.


The colour Pantone has chosen for 2015

Just to make things easier, we've picked out some pieces of pretty for you and your home in next year's hottest shade just for you. Happy shopping!



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The loneliness crisis: can you really make friends on an app?

"I’m filled with a warm, first term at Malory Towers-style hope"

17 Feb 2017

People are more scared of deadlines than they are of actually dying

Makes sense to us.

by Moya Crockett
17 Feb 2017

Seven year old girl asks Google for a job - and gets the best response

"Dear Google boss, when I am bigger I would like a job."

by Sarah Biddlecombe
17 Feb 2017

The Love Actually cast have already started filming their reunion

And there are behind-the-scenes photos. WE CAN’T DEAL.

by Moya Crockett
17 Feb 2017

“You were my best friend”: watch the heart-breaking #HurtBae video

“I did everything… I had sex with other girls. I did everything.”

by Amy Lewis
16 Feb 2017

This Yorkshire bakery has created an entire range of unicorn bakes

Move over rainbow toast/bagels/toasties

by Amy Swales
16 Feb 2017

This is the best drink to pair your cheese with (no, it’s not wine)

Is it gin? Is it Prosecco? No, it’s…

by Kayleigh Dray
16 Feb 2017

Science says this is the one incredible benefit of staying single

It seems as if staying single may be the best route to a happy-ever-after…

by Kayleigh Dray
16 Feb 2017

Quiz: which Love Actually character are you?

It's time to find out which of the film's most iconic characters you're actually like...

by Kayleigh Dray
16 Feb 2017

A free cheese and wine festival is coming to London

And there’s chocolate involved, too

by Moya Crockett
16 Feb 2017