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Meet the 'Little Miss' characters of London. You'll definitely recognise most of them...


Londoners, we're a unique bunch of characters, aren't we?

With a packed out public transport system and parades of tourists filling our daily lives, the capital often brings out the rage, impatience and general irrational behaviour in all of us.

Here in the Stylist office we've recently labelled this behaviour LLLD (low level London dickheadedness).

But writer Robin Edds has brilliantly imagined them as Mr Men and Little Miss characters. The hilarious illustrations accurately capture the typical traits and phrases uttered by those living in the city.

If you're a Londoner, we guarantee you'll recognise yourself in at least one of them...

London Little Miss

Little Miss London

Little Miss London

Little Miss London

Little Miss London

Little Miss London

Little Miss London

And one Mr Men...

London Little Miss

Images courtesy of Buzzfeed



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