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Microfiction competition: day 2


Thursday 11 August is the second day of our microfiction competition, in which we're inviting readers to tell us a story in 100 words or less for the chance to win a creative writing course at the London School of Journalism.

Today’s winning piece of microfiction is by Hiu-Chun, whose 96 word A Strange Return captured a moment vividly and particularly impressed the judges for its beautifully evocative language. Hiu-Chun's entry will now go into our final five, from which one overall winner will be awarded the creative writing course. Read Hiu-Chun's winning entry below...

A Strange Return by Hiu-Chun

We had never met, but there was something strangely familiar about her. I ran to take a closer look. She had a southern flair and a contagious scent - like wild strawberry jam. But most memorably, she had the same curiously crooked smile as me. It was the first time I set eyes on her, but I will never forget those droll three minutes. I didn’t know it then, but there she was, all five feet and two inches of her – the woman I had only heard about in hushed whispers and church gossip, my mother.

Many thanks to all who entered our daily microfiction competitions! All five winning submissions will now be read by author Helen Walsh. It will then be up to Helen to select an overall winner who will win a distance learning creative writing course at the London School of Journalism. Revisit each of our competitions and read the winning entries here.



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