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Microfiction competition: day 5


Tuesday 16 August was your last chance to enter our microfiction competition, in which we invited readers to tell us a story in 100 words or less for the chance to win a creative writing course at the London School of Journalism.

Having carefully considered all of the final day's entries, we are pleased to announce that our lsat microfiction winner is Jo Sass, author of Are We There Yet? Jo's 96 word submission impressed the Stylist team with its juxtaposition of light and dark themes - both elements present in the inspiration image above. Read Jo's winning entry below...

Are We There Yet? by Jo Sass

Last seen in a crazy and drunken blast along the M56, the four souls looked at each other and grinned uncertainly. The shock of the water, the sunlight and their passage into the new began to settle; they were all together despite having died instantly on impact. Briggs, the belligerent and drunken driver was still blinded and confused by the oncoming headlights but the other three had arrived completely, feeling the relief and amazement of the soothing water on their bodies but also the foreboding of the view of a dark and unknown landscape ahead.

Many thanks to all who entered our daily microfiction competitions! All five winning submissions will now be read by author Helen Walsh. It will then be up to Helen to select an overall winner who will win a distance learning creative writing course at the London School of Journalism. Revisit each of our competitions and read the winning entries here.



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