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Minimalist Disney Posters


The internet is a wonderful thing. For it constantly creates new and interesting ways for us to rediscover the Disney classics that made rainy Sunday afternoons bearable. We've had Disney characters imagined as magazine stars, a Youtube video of Disney doppelgangers, and now this.

Whilst our seven-year old selves probably wouldn’t be much impressed with Rowan Stocks Moore’s minimalist versions of Disney Film Posters (the absence of Rafiki on The Lion King design is regrettable – and does not urge us to burst into Circle of Life in the cinema halls), our grown-up selves very much approve.

Available from Etsy for a mere £12.89, these genius posters are a knowing nod to your childhood collection of Disney videos, without looking childish. Scroll down to take a look.



Disney Princes become cover stars


Disney doppelgangers


Disney cover stars



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