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Kate Nash blogs her tour for us


Kate Nash has always positioned herself as a musical best friend: someone who would listen to your secrets, let you borrow her dresses and would tear up the town with you on a wild night out. We're thrilled that Kate's decided to let Stylist into her world and to give us the backstage view of a worldwide tour. Check back for regular updates.

Words: Kate Nash. Pictures: Christopher Dadey/ Kate Nash

Entry number five


Berlin had a bit of a weird vibe personally for me during the day as there was just a bunch of stuff going on that I needed to deal with. We walked around the town and found a cute park. It's always such a cool city to be in and just hang around in. I love the feeling in Berlin. So much culture and artwork everywhere! We found some beautiful buildings, antique shops, food markets and jewellery stores. It was freeeeeeezing too! Felt very wintery and nice in the lead up to Christmas.

Coat - Blitz Vintage, Ear Muffs - Topshop, Gloves - Topshop, flowery trousers from a vintage store in Montreal.

Tie Dye T-shirt - Topshop.

The gig was really cool actually, so it was a relief ‘cause I'd had a nervy day. Germany is very supportive of me, which is nice. I feel like they really get what I'm trying to do.

But anyway, because of all the personal stuff going on during the day, we really needed to let off some steam and we just hung out in the dressing room and a ‘girl gang’ party ensued...

I'm wearing a little vintage blue polka dot dress with a nice large white collar that I pinned some red hearts onto. Got it in Montreal. (Vintage shopping in Montreal is SO GOOD!)

Sam our Tour manager's face on entering the girl gang party.

Entry number four


Was so excited to play this show as I LOVE the venue. It's somewhere that we'd usually come and hang out after a show because it's one of the coolest bars in town. So, I'm more used to stumbling around drunk, playing foosball and buying Maoam sweets from the old fashioned candy machines in here than actually playing a show.

I wore my vintage Jaeger suit that I got from Paper Dress and a vintage jumper and my newest happy shoe find - these boots from Clarks during the day. This is sound check...

There's these little licorice flavoured drinks that we used to go crazy for a few years ago on tour and Jay who was doing merch on this tour brought me one as a little gift. That's the little bottle I’m holding.

My neon sign circa 2007 in all it's glory.

The girls in my band wear matching outfits and these are cute H&M dresses we got over the summer.

The show went real good! The crowd were really sweet and it was all up close and intimate. There was such a nice vibe in the venue.

This is me with Emma Chitty who was supporting the tour with her band "SHUGA" (www.facebook.com/shugaworld). The tiara basically made it through the whole tour, and here I’m wearing a leopard print body suit I bought online and a vintage green swimsuit from Blitz vintage in East London. The belt is from an independent fashion store in New York.

Because I love the bar so much we just hung out there. They play really cool music and have nice spinny lights. Me proudly with the Molotow sign.

With Joe my sound guy and Emma from my band post show.

Gang shot post show.

Attempting to steal a motorbike on the way home. Coat is an amazing tartan cape, vintage from Blitz.

Entry number three


We all met at the bus in Kings Cross at 10:00pm, said goodbye to our mums and dads and set off to make history, maaaaaaaan.

Had a sleep and a fry up on the ferry and arrived in Europe in the early hours. Back on the bus we made our bunks our own. Emma Chitty brings her own silk pillowcases and I decorated my bunk with glow in the dark stars.

We arrived in Amsterdam in the morning, got to the day room, got clean, and seeing as it was the first day of tour, I figured I would dress like a princess. I have also been on a bit of a Fleetwood Mac trip so was into the flowy-ness of this green vintage dress that I got from Paper Dress on Curtain Road.

We've got a sick stage set up on this tour made up of old fashioned TV screens. Been using projections for a couple of years now and this seemed like a really cool way to pull everything together. I've also brought back my neon sign which was made for my first ever single launch, Caroline's a Victim!

Above: Potato croquettes for tea

Here's me at sound check with my Topshop ear muffs and Somerset jumper from John Lewis.

Evening/gig princess vibes. My dress is also from Paper Dress, tiara from Accessorize, hair barrette is from a Dollar Store in LA, necklace is from Out of the Closet from LA, sheer top is from American Apparel.

The gig was so fun! Really cool venue and even cooler people. After the show we found a nice bar in a theatre that had chandeliers and red velvet sofas and weird wax models. Amsterdam is always a fun city to be in.

Entry number two


We arrived at like 9:00 in the morning, so headed straight to shower in the hotel and then out into the city! We ended up at a little market where we bought handmade friendship bracelets.

Then we wondered right into a huge and famous cemetery full of crypts. It was totally amazing. I really love the idea of the crypt, somewhere your whole family can be buried together. You could see inside the rooms, coffins on top of coffins. The decor of the doors, floors and windows were so beautiful: gothic and ornate. I want to invest in the Nash family crypt. We had a delicious dinner by the harbour where everyone ate more steak than was almost bearable for a vegetarian! So I had two puddings to make up for my dismay.

Day two: We went into another market. This time it was a much bigger one that was celebrating its birthday! There was a super vibrant atmosphere. Everyone was dressed up in crazy costumes and was really friendly and playful. I bought some old things, an Argentinian pin to wear on stage, and an antique gold double chain bracelet that met in the middle with a tiny heart!

Then we headed straight to the venue for sound check! The gig was crazyyyy good.

The fans here are so sweet and enthusiastic and have such an amazing attitude towards life and going out and having fun. They are extremely passionate and just went nuts during the gig. After finishing, the crowd got me back on stage by group singing "Don't You Want To Share the Guilt". I couldn't actually remember all the words to the song so I grabbed a cute couple from the crowd who could and they did the whole monologue at the end of the song on two mics either side of me. It was a moment I will never forget - pretty surreal and very touching.

Then I got given handmade boxes, bracelets, pins, badges and letters and milk jam gifts by cute amazing fans who I love and want to squeeze and kiss. Off to sleep now and a 14-hour flight back to London to prep for the European tour!

'''Where are these clothes from?

Skeleton dress Lazy Oaf, glasses MIU MIU, bag Topshop

Blue floral shirt vintage store in Montreal, pins from Market in Argentina(!),cross necklace eBay

Black dress Absolute Vintage, London.'''

Entry number one

This week I had the BEST Halloween of my life recreating the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, ‘Once More, with Feeling’ with my friend Emmy the Great. I also screened a new music video and released new song, ‘Fri-end?’ on my website. And, I played a long awaited London show to raise money for a charity close to my heart, Michael Sobell House.

I'm happy to say the week has been a success! On top of this I've been getting prepared for upcoming releases and tour dates! This preparation has included the joy of SHOPPING. I spent a lot of time in my favourite vintage shop in London, Blitz, just off Brick Lane. The staff are friendly, there's good coffee, great books, cool décor, and of course an awesome collection of clothes.

I have also been getting into online shopping what with the colder weather making me lazy and want to hibernate. I had a naughty spree on Lazy Oaf and Urban Outfitters.

Before my European tour kicks off, I am hopping over to Argentina for a one-off show. I've packed my vintage stage dresses and swimsuits (I got into wearing Fifties swimsuits on stage because they're great for frolicking), a collection of ridiculous tiny handbags, my essential hot weather dresses (by designers H Fredriksson and Marios Lech - they're all flowy and look like you've made an effort when really you're just sweating, flustered, need to sit in a freezer and drink a cocktail). They trick everyone into thinking you're cool when you're actually pulling a Homer Simpson and wearing a muumuu.

Two other essentials for me right now are my skull scarf from Zara, which is great for travelling and wrapping up in on the plane and my giant Marc B Topshop handbag that fits everything in it! Stay tuned for more updates!



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