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Netflix and Chill: watching these TV shows boosts your sex appeal

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Looking to update your online dating profile? You may want to be careful when sharing your taste in television shows, according to a new survey.

Thanks to the rise in the television date, not to mention all the must-watch telly available nowadays (we’re looking at you, Stranger Things), it makes sense that our favourite shows can tell our prospective partners a lot about us.

And, as it so happens, they can even make us seem more attractive to our Netflix and Chill buddies, too.

That’s right; research has shown that 63% of Brits think that having the right taste in TV makes you a far more interesting person to date – providing that you’re watching the right stuff, of course.

So which shows are deemed the sexiest?

Well, opinions are divided, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s Sherlock came out on top, with 25% agreeing that watching the BBC detective series is a surefire sign that you’re a keeper.

It was followed closely by Big Bang Theory (23%) - and Game of Thrones, while not being traditionally romantic, made it to number three with 22% of the vote.

However it’s not all good news for telly addicts.

The survey went on to reveal that being a die-hard EastEnders fan is a massive red flag, with 54% off the survey’s participants claiming it is the least attractive show to like.

And Coronation Street (49%) also got a big thumbs down, hammering home the point that soap operas just aren’t suitable for Netflix and Chill.

The survey’s most surprising bombshell, however, was the fact that Doctor Who – despite being a BBC classic - is the third biggest TV turnoff for Brits.

Enders lovers, Corrie fans, and Whovians can take comfort in the fact that the results are based on a reasonably small sample; Elite Singles UK only surveyed 850 British singles aged 18-75.


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