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From breastfeeding to broccoli: the new emojis set to light up our keyboards

emoji pieces.png

A man in a steamy room or a woman in lotus position, anyone?

These are just two of the new emojis that will be making their way into our lives as part of the 5.0 update.

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The Unicode Consortium, the programme that details the movements of the fastest-growing language in the UK, has announced that 69 characters will be blessing our keyboards shortly, and they include breastfeeding, lots of foodstuffs and a fair number of new facial expressions (excellent news for those of us constantly raising eyebrows).

Emojis 5.0

Emojis 5.0

Emojipedia, the emoji dictionary, has released the characters in draft status, giving us a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be dealing with once they are officially released in June.

The characters have not been without controversy, having had issues with gender representation and diversity and this update sees one of the long-awaited symbols – a woman in a headscarf – finally available.

Meanwhile, culinary additions include paella, steak, broccoli and a coconut.

But the ‘shocked face with exploding head’ might just be our favourite.

Emojis 5.0

Emojis 5.0

Believe it or not emojis *insert serious face with symbols covering mouth* have only been part of the fabric of our digital lives since 2010.

The full list of the new symbols, which will be available once Apple, Google and Microsoft update their operating systems, are listed below:

Bowl With Spoon
Canned Food
Billed Cap
Curling Stone
Face With Open Mouth Vomiting
Cup With Straw
Cut of meat
Grinning face with one large and one small eye
Older adult
Flying saucer
Grinning face with star eyes
Serious face with symbols covering mouth
Man mage
Woman mage
Man in a steamy room
Woman in a steamy room
Flag of England
Flag of Scotland
Flag of Wales
Man climbing
Woman climbing
Zebra face
Man fairy
Woman fairy
Man vampire
Woman vampire
Man elf
Woman elf
Man genie
Woman genie
Man zombie
Woman zombie
Man in lotus position
Woman in lotus position
Palms up together
Fortune cookie
Shocked face with exploding head
Takeout box
Smiling face with eyes and hand covering mouth
Face with one eyebrow raised
Face with one monocle
Bearded person
Face finger with covering crossed lips
Giraffe face
Person with headscarf
I love you hand sign
Orange heart

Words: Jasmine Andersson

Images: Emojipedia



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