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Picasso at Tate Britain


Picasso is perhaps best known for his work in Paris and during the Spanish Civil War.

But the co-founder of the Cubist movement also held considerable influence over British artists, as evidenced by a new exhibition at Tate Britain.

Picasso and Modern British Art, which opened this week, explores the artist's relationship with the UK as an emerging and controversial figure, from the early 1900s up to his major retrospective at the Tate in 1960.

Featuring over 160 works by Picasso and the people who were inspired by his work, the collection looks at Picasso's impact on British modernism and artists such as Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and David Hockney - who visited Picasso's 1960 exhibition eight times.

It also examines the political significance of Picasso's work in Britain, from response to his Guernica tour here in 1938-9 to his appearance at the 1950 Peace Congress in Sheffield.

Key Cubist works on display at the exhibit include Head of a Man with Moustache (1912), Man with a Clarinet (1911-1912) and Still Life with Mandolin (1924 - pictured below).

Below: Still Life with Mandolin 1924

Below: The Three Dancers 1925



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