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This will be 2017’s biggest food trend


Forget eating green, it’s all about purple food for 2017.

According to consumer behaviour analysts at Whole Foods purple food will be taking over our plates next year.

The company investigated customers' behaviour at 465 stores and found that purple food is a "fast growing trend."

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It’sa fact that’s probably unsurprising to health food enthusiasts who will have seen purple acai bowls, soups, juices and yam-dyed dips prevailing on Instagram.

But as well as helping to break up the sea of green salads and avo on toast, the trend for purple foods will help us reap plenty of health benefits.

Veg like purple cabbage, carrots, asparagus and potatoes are full of potent nutrients and antioxidents like anthocyanin.  Purple potatoes for example have four times as many antioxidents as normal white spuds, while purple cabbage has twice the amount of polyphenols as green cabbage.

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Both polyphenols and anthocyanin are proven to have properties which help prevent degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Plus, they’ve also been found to help control obesity and diabetes.

As a general rule of thumb, the darker the fruit or vegetable, the higher it is in antioxidants content and increased health benefits.

Sold? Here’s some purple recipe ideas from Instagram.

Asparagus salad with yam and cauliflower soup


Dinner: asparagus salad with a warming purple yam and cauliflower soup 💜 #PurpleFood #PurpleYam #Dinner

A photo posted by Clémentine Berlioz (@clemmoskitchen) on

Blueberry acai bowl


A photo posted by Karla (@karla_lifts_weights) on

Roasted purple cauliflower with a parsley-caper-currant vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts

Purple hummus made with yams

Purple smoothie with blueberries and banana


A photo posted by Sita Huber (@mindbodyiq) on

Purple porridge with chia seeds


A photo posted by Ainslie Adrian (@ainslierachel) on


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