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10 of the most delicious canapé recipes with five ingredients or fewer to impress your relatives and guests this party season


Hosting a party is one of the most joyful, but stressful, things in modern life. Gathering all your friends in one place is wonderful, but it's important to makes sure everybody is fed and watered and enjoying themselves. Everybody is keen to impress, and trays of supermarket oven baked canapés just never cut it. 

But it can be difficult to come up with recipes for bite sized food that you can prepare stress-free at a party. If you're not used to making mini dishes, it can seem time consuming and expensive. However, many of the best recipes for canapés often require five ingredients, or fewer, and a little flair. Have a look at our list of ten easy-to-make canapé recipes for inspiration for the perfect party.

Hoisin glazed chipolatas


Image courtesy of greedygourmet.com

Does anything say 'party food' more than mini sausages? This delicious glaze is guaranteed to ensure these chipolatas are gobbled up quickly - and all you need is honey, mustard, sesame seeds and hoisin sauce.

Find a recipe here

Cucumber cups with whipped feta and sundried tomatoes


Image courtesy of twopeasandtheirpod.com

Cucumbers are a handy canapé ingredient - acting as a receptacle for the rest of a dish, as well as adding a crunch. This simple feta and tomato dish is made even more impressive looking by cutting the cucumber skins into stripes.

Find a recipe here

Muffin tin mini lasagnes


Image courtesy of traceysculinaryadventures.com

Ok, so lasagne might require a few more than five ingredients, but if you cheat and get some pre-made bolognase sauce, then all you need to make these little pies are wonton wraps (or filo pastry), cheese and sauce. Simply layer up in a muffin tin, bake for ten minutes and look like you've been slaving over a hot stove all day.

Find a recipe here

Butternut squash, cranberry and goats' cheese crostini


Image courtesy of thefoodcharlatan.com

Who'd have thought putting fruit and veg on bread with cheese could look so appetising? This simple, but delicious, recipe involves frying little pieces of bread and topping with butternut squash, cranberry and goats' cheese with a little bit of garlic. Easy!

Find a recipe here

Seared salmon with whiskey sauce


Image courtesy of larderlove.com

Salmon is another party-food staple, so why not give the usual smoked salmon a twist with these salmon bites with a simple whiskey sauce? Fry the salmon in bite sized pieces, then mix ketchup, mayo, Worcester sauce and whiskey for a sauce that sounds too easy to be delicious, but trust us - it is.

Find a recipe here

Mini BLT sandwiches


Image courtesy of returntosundaysupper.com

Sometimes the most obvious ideas are the best. Making tiny BLT sandwiches is definitely a good one. Simply cut bread into a circle with a cookie cutter and add slices of bacon, lettuce and tomato and a dab of mayonnaise. It couldn't be easier, but also couldn't look more stylish. Easy to adapt with different ingredients for a vegetarian version too (try halloumi in place of the bacon).

Find a recipe here.

Baked baby potatoes


Image courtesy of homecookingadventure.com

One of the best things about canapés is having miniature versions of 'normal' food. So why not adapt the humble baked potato by roasting these new potatoes with paprika and garlic to add flavour, then add any topping of your choice - we like a sour cream and chive dip.

Find a recipe here

Strawberry pastry bites with marscapone


Image courtesy of heathersfrenchpress.com

As it seems to be possible to buy strawberries all year round, these fresh bites made with squares of puff pastry, marscapone and topped with mint and balsamic vinegar will make a lovely end to an evening.

Find a recipe here

Mini key lime pies


Image courtesy of thissillygirlslife.com

If you really want to impress, these mini key lime pies, made from cream cheese flavoured with lime (get it into the impressive shape with silicon muffin cases) topped with crushed biscuits or crackers, then frozen before garnishing. Talk about a simple way of making a famously complex recipe.

Find a recipe here


Mini Nutella cheesecakes


Image courtesy of rasamalaysia.com

Mini desserts are far easier to create than full-sized ones it appears. This delicious looking Nutella cheesecakes just requires nutella, crushed biscuits, then nuts and sour cream to top it. And doesn't it look delicious? Just see if you can keep quiet about how easy it was to your amazed guests.

Find a recipe here

Words: Victoria Gray



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