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Behold the savoury doughnnut. Crispy, flaky, grilled cheese doughnuts you can make at home


It's not often that savoury versions of our favourite desserts work. For example, we would always choose a crepe smothered in chocolate sauce over one stuffed with mushroom and ham. But we've found a recipe that has changed that science forever.

Feast your eyes on grilled cheese crescent doughnuts. 

The crispy rings look like large doughnuts but they are flaky like puff pastry and are oozing with melted cheese. We imagine they would taste like cheesy Yorkshire puddings. 

The recipe has been invented by Amy Erickson from American food blog Oh, Bite It!. In the last year, Erickson has proved to be a food magician, whipping up weird and wonderful recipes from from deep fried tequila shots to mac 'n' cheese burritos. But this has to be her best one yet.

"This is one of those recipes of mine that leaves me speechless," she writes. "This creation left me stuttering as I tried to describe their utter greatness to my mom (maybe it was because my mouth was full)."

Find the full recipe here or take a look at our summary below, where we've found the British equivalent of American products for you. 

What you will need:

Since the recipe uses American products, we've found the British equivalent for you

Jus-Roll puff pastry 
Cheese slices
Vegetable oil (any)
Small and large cookie cutters


Roll out two sheets of dough and cover the bottom layer with cheese slices

Roll out two sheets of dough and cover the bottom layer with cheese slices

Fold in half and roll out again

Fold in half and roll out again

Cut into ring shapes using a cookie cutter and shot glass

Cut into ring shapes using a cookie cutter and shot glass

Fry one at a time

Fry one at a time

Let them cool down enough to eat when warm

Let them cool down enough to eat when warm

Cheese doughnuts

Behold fresh cheesy doughnuts



Images: Oh Bite It!



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