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An insider's guide to the London bars you might not know about

It’s all well and good hopping along to every hot new opening or sticking to your favourite bars, but ever wondered where the people who work in those fine establishments frequent once they’ve stopped serving us? You’ve come to the right place.

Just as we provided you with the must-try London cocktails beloved of industry experts, find here a guide to the city’s drinking dens favoured by those in the know.

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Imbibing bible Where Bartenders Drink lists 700 bars and pubs – a collection compiled by tapping up more than 200 top bartenders and boozy insiders to find out their favourite spots worldwide, and we’ve narrowed it down to the 11 gems in London you might not know about.

So while you may have heard of some, it’s always good to have a few suggestions outside your usual drinks stomping ground to call on at any given moment. And if you’re scoffing, “Unknown? Bar Termini?!” then bully for you, you win all the cool points. Have fun with those, the rest of us will be grabbing a Martini…

where bartenders drink

Where Bartenders Drink, published by Phaidon, is out now (RRP £16.95, uk.phaidon.com)

Main image: The Pink Chihuahua


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