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You can now get a full cheese board delivered to your door within the hour


You’d be forgiven for believing that the week you found out about Cheese Advent Calendars, London’s new 24-hour doughnut delivery service, the Ferrero Rocher dessert bar and gin-filled Christmas crackers, was the best one yet.

For a while there, we felt the same way.

All that has changed, however, because on top of discovering the very best cheese in all the land, we have now also stumbled upon this fine nugget; there is a festive cheese board delivery service, and it’s operating right here in London.

Like Deliveroo for cheese lovers, the service will bring a hamper packed with fine artisan fromages, rich fruit chutneys, and, of course, a selection of classic crackers, direct to your door on demand.

The Fine Cheese Co hamper delivered by Jinn

The fruits of a collaboration between on-demand courier platform Jinn (much like UberEats and Deliveroo) and The Fine Cheese Co., the news means that now, when the cravings set in, you can get a top notch spread delivered within the hour.

The even better news, is that there’s a whole load of remarkably fine cheese options to choose from.

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A Cheese Plate starts from £11.95, and comes with three cheeses hailing from France, Spain, Britain or Italy (hello creamy Gorgonzola Dolce), while selection boxes, charcuterie plates and hampers are all on offer.

You can also get your mitts on a number of intriguing sides, including pickled fruits and wine.

What a time to be alive, eh?

The Fine Cheese Co hamper delivered by Jinn

The only catch here is that, as is so often the case with on-demand food delivery services, there’s a restricted area that qualifies for the food drop.

You can check whether Jinn can make it to your area bearing cheesy delights by tapping your postcode into the app.

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If you happen to live outside of the current delivery area, however, take heart.

Not only are you likely enjoying far more open space and fresher air than your inner city comrades, you can also whip your own DIY cheese feast using these delicious recipes, or treat yourself to an indulgent red wine cheese toasty, aka, the best winter snack ever invented.

Some red wine hot chocolate to go with that?

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