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Designer lattes are the new coffee trend taking over your Instagram feed


Unicorn lattes? Been there. Goth lattes? Done that. It’s time to say hello to the newest coffee trend taking over your Instagram feed: designer lattes.

Frothing over with intricately created fashion logos from beloved brands, including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, designer lattes are now the ultimate beverage to be seen with.

New York-based Instagram account @coffeenclothes pairs the drink du jour with matching arm candy and accessories.


Designer Latte with extra milk please @designerlattes #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @dineandfash

A post shared by Coffee 'N Clothes® (@coffeenclothes) on

Nike, Supreme and Wonder Woman motifs (and even a detailed design of her face) also pop up to deliver caffeine with an extra shot of cool.

The account has racked up nearly 300,000 followers and it’s clear to see why – clothes and caffeine illustrated by aesthetically-pleasing images only leaves us hungry, or should we say thirsty, for more.

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The Coffee ‘N Clothes website is dedicated to serving up where we can buy the clothing items and extras – which, let’s be honest, we can’t afford, but still desperately want – as seen in the Instagram posts.

Waking up to @designerlattes. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @stylemba

A post shared by Coffee 'N Clothes® (@coffeenclothes) on

The written content covers all topics related to the site’s namesake – and more – in an editorial section. Coffee ‘N Clothes likens itself to the perfect combination of the long-term love affair we have with Nutella and waffles.

It boasts the tagline “stylishly caffeinated” – new life motto, anyone?  

If you’re interested in checking out the lattes without the added temptation of the clothes, head over to @designerlattes.

Sk8-Hi. @coffeenclothes

A post shared by Coffee 'N Clothes® (@designerlattes) on

There, the barista genius shows off his craft in all its glory, turning the famous Burberry check and Louis Vuitton print into coffee art, alongside miniature Vans, Nike and Adidas shoes and Givenchy, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana bags.

Tag a friend who needs this in their life. @coffeenclothes #coffeenclothes

A post shared by Coffee 'N Clothes® (@designerlattes) on

We believe we have identified the barista in question as a man named Ryan (@ryyyguy). In an Instagram post from January that flicks through images of the elaborate creations, his caption reads: “Six months ago I quit my job to work for myself and do what I love in order to really launch this project.”

It continues, “And now I’m happy to introduce my new media channel and online shop, coffeenclothes.com. Let me know what you think and feel free to leave any feedback below. Thanks 4 the support. #coffeenclothes”

Although it appears the delectable drinks are only having a moment in the Big Apple, we’re hoping Ryan shares his talent with us across the pond soon. 

Until then, we’ll have to try our luck and order our next latte at Starbucks with a dusting of YSL...

Words: Laura Rutkowski

Expensive taste. Tag someone who needs this latte. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @designerlattes

A post shared by Coffee 'N Clothes® (@coffeenclothes) on

Images: Instagram


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