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Like edible works of art: these beautiful doughnuts will completely blow your mind


Sure, doughnuts taste good and we'd probably pull off our left arm to get a chance at a Krispy Kreme when someone brings them into the office, but they aren’t the most beautiful of desserts, are they?

Until now.

We've long been a fan of slightly off-the-wall desserts: remember the Nutelasagna? And now, we are obsessing over the incredible creations from Doughnut Time in Brisbane, Australia.

They See Me Rollin' is in stores now, and it's a wheelie good time 😜 #wagonwheel

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Hey, it's low gluten Friday! In Love With The Coco are in stores today!

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Not giving in to staying in bed all day is Kind-er A Big Deal.. so go on and treat yo self 😉 @ash4makeup_

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The beautiful doughnuts are like little works of art, all decorated with sweets, crisps, icing and even pretzels. 

We just can't stop looking at them. 

Remember when we were catching them all?

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It's not the first time that Australia has come up with something incredibly indulgent and sweet. Last year, we were mesmerised by the enormous milkshakes served in the Pâtissez bakery and café in Canberra.

But even though we absolutely adore gazing at the beauty of these very special donuts, for the first time ever we have been given the chance to try them!

Doughnut Time has expanded from its birth place down under and will be located on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue from October.  The Doughnut Time store will serve up fresh, hand-created artisan doughnuts with a range of inventive toppings, and we can’t wait.

Now selling Doughnut Time cake toppers 😜 beautiful creation by @gem__bakescakes

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#tbt to our Glazed & Confused, with a delicious caramel glaze and sea salt chips!

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We have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this delicious brand from now on!


Photo: Jessica Henders



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