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Grab a piece of this fiery new Oreo cookie trend


As one of America’s most iconic biscuit brands, Oreo is no stranger to wild and wonderful flavour combinations.

Just last month, we celebrated the arrival of the Oreo peanut butter ice-cream sandwich on British shores.

And now, the confectionery giant has pulled another trick out of its well-plumed hat.

The beloved cookie – which is consumed 20.5 million times a day – is available in a new limited edition range.

Meet Firework Oreo:

Firework Oreo

(Image: Nabisco/Instagram)

This marvellous invention comes courtesy of “The Oreo Wonder Vault” (who knew there was such a thing?) and was commissioned to mark forthcoming 4th July celebrations in the States.

Its creme filling comes complete with red and blue popping candy, for a suitably exuberant nod to Independence Day.

And the taste certainly sounds like it packs a punch.

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Time magazine describes the sensation of eating Firework Oreos as akin to “sparklers in your mouth”.

“Firework Oreos start subtle before bursting into play like a party in your molars as you crunch through the cookie,” says writer Raisa Bruner, in a wonderfully evocative description.

“There's a bit of heat involved, and the feeling of sparkling bits subtly exploding in your mouth lasts long after you've masticated the treat into subservience.”

The reaction of this man and his dog suggests Firework Oreos are worth a dabble – as the reviewer duo hail their “very interesting texture, flavour and experience”...

The novelty launch marks the start of a crowd-sourcing competition by Oreo to find its next wacky flavour.

They’re offering  $500,000 (£386,000) to the person who comes up with the most innovative cookie concept, which they will then put into production.

Ideas submitted so far under #MyOreoCreation and #Contest hashtags on Twitter and Instagram include a vanilla cookie with an apple pie filling, Krispy Kreme blended Oreos, a red wine variety and a maple bacon twist.

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Sadly, us lot in the UK can’t enter the contest and Firework Oreos aren’t yet available on our shelves.

But fingers crossed, they’re coming soon.

We could do with a little sparkle in our biscuit...

Photos: iStock and Nabisco/Instagram



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