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Flat wine bottles that fit through your letterbox are here to save 2017

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We’re always going to be fully in support of an invention that makes it easier for wine to enter into our lives.

So it was with excitement and a sense of joy that we happened upon a new design of flat wine bottles formulated to fit easily through your letterbox, solving that age-old dilemma of missing a delivery because you weren’t home to greet the postman.

Launched by Garçon Wines, the 750ml flat bottles are made with specially toughened plastic, and arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes that promise to prevent breakages.

Practical and stylish...

Practical and stylish...

The first company to launch such a service, Garçon Wines calls itself a “wine lovers’ subscription club”.

And their company slogan – “what if the postman delivered happiness?” – seems particularly apt.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, founder Joe Revell said he launched the service to offer, "no more missed deliveries, no more depot-collection cards, no more waiting around for couriers and no more heading out to the supermarket late at night next time you feel like wine”.

Plus, perfectly suited for stacking

Plus, perfectly suited for stacking

The monthly subscription service launches next month, with prices starting from just £10.



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