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Deliveroo is giving away free ice cream to make your Monday better


Spring officially arrived this weekend, so most of us spent our Sunday soaking up this year’s first rays of sunshine in a pub garden or a park. However, it also means we lost an hour of precious sleep when the clock’s went forward. So, to commiserate, Deliveroo has a special deal to make your tired Monday more bearable: it’s giving away free ice cream to London customers.

From noon, the food delivery app will add a tub of Jude’s Brown Butter Pecan ice cream to orders. You just need to use the Deliveroo app or website and click the ‘Free Ice Cream’ header. You’ll then be directed to a list of participating restaurants, including Jamie’s Italian, Cabana and Banana Tree.

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“No one embraces summer quite like Londoners, from overcast BBQs, flip flops on a rainy day and lobster tans galore,” says Joe Groves from Deliveroo.

“At Deliveroo we wanted to set summer up for success and make sure Londoners get a chance to embrace the summer months with open arms.”

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If you want to get your hands on a tub then it’s probably wise to take an early lunch, as the deal only lasts until stocks run out. Go, go, go!



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