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This prosecco glass holds an entire bottle of fizz and you've going to need it in your life


Don’t you just hate that irritating problem that all prosecco lovers universally share? You know the one we’re talking about, when you just can’t quite fit as many bubbles into your glass as you’d like to. 

We’ve asked ourselves time and time again, why must we be limited in this way? Why must we be forced to use a boring, normal sized glass when we’re clearly meant for much bigger, better things?

Well, fellow fizz-fanatics, we’ve got some news that will have you clinking glasses in celebratory joy in no time. You can now fit an entire bottle of prosecco into one glass, thanks to the genius inventors over at gift specialist website, The Present Finder.

That’s right; the days of enjoying ‘a glass’ (how quaint!) of prosecco are long behind us, and we are now free to neck a whole bottle in one sitting thanks to the appropriately named ‘Giant Prosecco Glass’.

The product’s description boasts that this extraordinary glass can hold up to 750ml of prosecco, which the website claims adds up to a full bottle. You’ll also be glad to know that these claims have all been expertly tried and tested by the “more than satisfied” product testing team – career change, anyone?

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Priced at £14.99, the over-sized flute would make the ultimate gift for a prosecco mad friend as something you can enjoy together, because let’s face it, drinking a 750ml of bubbles is really a two woman job. 

However, as undeniably fabulous as this glass is, there are a few holes to be poked in the theory behind it.

Giant Prosecco Glass

The Giant Prosecco Glass in all its glory

For example you could argue that clasping a whole bottle of prosecco in your clammy paws all afternoon would have the temperature of your beverage creeping up quicker than usual, and who wants warm, flat tipple? We also think that holding a bottle of liquid could actually become quite a heavy and inconvenient burden after a while, even when shared with your drinking partner.

The Present Finder also claims that the Giant Prosecco Glass is a must-have for those “too fabulous to queue” or if you’re not a fan of re-fills, but it could also be argued that you still need to queue for a bottle of prosecco, you’re just holding it in one glass.

But the website does also very importantly remind us that drinking entire bottle of prosecco to ourselves isn’t always the best idea and “encourages responsible drinking”, which we second.

Giant Prosecco Glass

It has to be seen to be believed, but the glass really is as big as a bottle of prosecco

Unsurprisingly, the Twittersphere has exploded with sparkling wine enthusiasts expressing their overwhelming need for the glass.

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One tweeter had no doubts that the glass would fit perfectly into his family home, writing, “This seems, in my humble opinion, the IDEAL cava/champagne/prosecco glass for my beloved family ... a complete... “

Another seemed to be head over heels for the kitchen must-have, tweeting, “Friday, I'm in love. I may need one of these...”

But if you too are now harboring an overwhelming need for a Giant Prosecco Glass to call your own, you’ll have to join the back of the queue (see, we told you there would still be queuing). The website currently states that the item is sold out, with only pre-orders for September 6 available. 

So if you want a novelty prosecco glass we suggest you get in there quick, but whatever you do remember that novelty is the operative word, because no good can come from actually drinking an entire bottle of prosecco in one sitting – or at least keep your antics to weekends. 

Images: iStock / Giphy



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