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The gin bauble game just got updated for Christmas 2017

gin christmas baubles.jpg

Christmas gets earlier every year and all that. But who can resist thinking of the festive season when a. the UK summer is so unpredictable and b. a new festive gin product is on the market? We know you (and ourselves).

Let us say here and now: we do realise that putting alcohol on your Christmas tree is not a new thing. Boozy baubles have been around for a while, and there were so many gin-related offerings last year (gin-filled crackers, oh yes) that we collated them all into one huge, juniper-infused shopping list.

But given your/our excitement over mother’s ruin you can put on your tree and call decoration, we thought it was only right to bring more to your attention –and this time, they’re from popular London distillers Sipsmith.

Skipping the whole pretence of being bauble-shaped, this gift goes for the Ronseal approach with straight-up miniature bottles to hang off your branches.

gin baubles christmas sipsmith

How long into December would these last on your tree?

We like your style.

There’s no guarantee they’ll make it through to the end of the festive season – you’re only human, after all – but they’ll look pretty for a while at least. We highly recommend making the rest of your decorations edible (chocolates, popcorn strings, surely someone has invented cheese tinsel) so you’ve got a handy snack to soak up your G&T.

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Plus, come the season’s end, you’ll have much less tidying away to do.

And fans of Sipsmith’s mince pie variation can also rejoice, as the brand is releasing a Christmas set with four flavours – Gingerbread Gin, Christmas Tree Gin, Clementine Gin and, of course, Mince Pie Gin (available online from 1 November).

The bottle tree decorations are available now on the Sipsmith website (for delivery in November) and come in at £25 for a set of six.

If it’s just too early to be thinking Christmas, click through to see our shopping gallery of flavoured gins to savour in the meantime (or read up on your passion with our explainer of the six most popular gin styles).

Images: iStock / Sipsmith


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