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Are you ready for the London Tequila Festival?

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We’ve had gin festivals, Prosecco fiestas and vodka-themed feasts.

It seems only right that tequila should get its moment in the sun too. Especially as the traditional Mexican spirit has recently been linked to an unexpected health benefit.

Thankfully, this stalwart party shot – which is either sublime or throat-burning depending on your perspective (or the brand you’re imbibing) – is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The London Tequila Festival is coming to the capital this summer, in a one-day dedication at Studio 338 – an Ibiza-style “mega-club” in east London.

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The event on 19 August features over 30 varieties of tequila, alongside live music, DJs and the rather promising-sounding “processions and piñatas”.

It's time to tequila...

It's time to tequila...

“Upon arrival your Tequila tasting journey will commence and you will be handed a complimentary shot along with your Tequila bible, which will guide you through your Tequila experience,” the event organisers say.

Tickets cost £20, and already over 1,000 people have signed up.

Tequila aficionados are told to “make sure to bring your dancing clogs and prepare for Mexican madness!”

Have your salt and lime slices handy; this is going to be a BIG night...



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