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This is how you decide what to eat for lunch

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If you're anything like us, your daily life often takes on a food-centric cycle of rotation.

You wake up immediately considering what to have for breakfast and, by the time you’ve left the house, you’re already pondering what to eat for lunch. Your decision about what to eat for dinner is then generally tied up by the time you leave the office, and there’s always plenty of time to muse over the option of evening snacks as you make your way home.

And while we always felt a little, well, greedy spending so much time thinking about food, it turns out we are not alone. 

In fact, a group of researchers have taken it one step further by analysing the thought processes behind how we decide what to eat for lunch, and some of their findings were a little surprising.

Lunch: one of the most important meals of the day

Lunch: one of the most important meals of the day

The researchers from Canvas 8 sat down with 20 men and women from across the UK to grill them on their lunch preferences and discover what made them eat the things they ate.

Unsurprisingly, the three biggest factors affecting the decision-making process were convenience (38%), taste (37%) and price (35%) – after all, why wouldn’t you opt for a lunch that was easy to purchase, delicious and reasonably priced?

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However, perhaps more interestingly, the research also showed a trend for making decisions based on the weather, with people going for light options such as salad on warmer days and comforting options such as a hearty soup when the weather turns colder.

Others were also influenced by what their colleagues and friends were doing, with group trips to cafes or payday splurges to restaurants ranking high on the decision factors.

Finally, of course, the participants gave a nod to hangovers, with carbohydrate-packed essentials such as a giant cheese sandwich ranking high on the priority list for those with slightly sore heads.

We hear you, guys.

And if you need to consider what not to have for lunch, watch our video below...


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