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Mary Berry’s spaghetti bolognese recipe has left people positively horrified

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Mary Berry is, in our opinion, an absolute queen and can do no wrong - especially when it comes to whipping up something delicious.

However her “unusual” take on a slow-cooked spaghetti bolognese – as witnessed on her BBC2 show, Mary Berry Everyday – seems to have completely divided the nation.

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The 81-year-old was happily taking us through the ingredients for her twist on the traditional comfort food, and, as seasoned spag bol fans, we all sat and nodded along sagely to the list from the comfort of our own sofas.

Mince? Yes. Tomatoes? Of course. Onions? It wouldn’t be delicious without them. Spaghetti? Duh.

White wine, double cream, and thyme, though? No, nay, and never.

That’s right; Bezza decided to ditch the traditional splosh of red wine in favour of the sharper white variety, swapped the basil for some thyme, and poured a healthy dollop of double cream into her mixture before popping it into the oven.

And viewers were stunned at her renegade approach to Italian cooking.

“That’s breaking every Italian kitchen rule,” lamented one social media user.

“Cream?” asked another in disbelief. “In a spag bol? Cream?”

The cream did seem to be the most contentious point, with plenty expressing their horror over the idea of any dairy product (other than cheese) coming into contact with their precious pasta recipe.

“Dear Mary Berry, this is NOT ragu Bolognese,” snapped another amateur chef. “It's a nice tomato sauce though.”

And one (slightly hysterical) viewer added: “Shocked and appalled about Mary Berry adding double cream to her bolognese.”

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Yes, they really said shocked. Yes, they really said appalled.

And to think Mary Berry used to be a national treasure.

Creamy spag bol, anyone?

Creamy spag bol, anyone?

However, while plenty were unimpressed with Bezza’s Bolognese, others pointed out that the Queen of Cakes knows exactly what she’s talking about.

In fact, plenty of old-fashioned Italian chefs call for cream or white wine in a ragu sauce; Marcella Hazan, in particular, insists milk is a crucial ingredient to when it comes to creating an authentic spag bol.

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We, personally, have always trusted Berry – and she’s never led us wrong so far. And her ragu sauce – a tasty mix of passata, tinned tomatoes, stock, wine, cream, and herbs – sounds like a recipe for creamy, garlicky-based heaven.

If you’re tempted to try it for yourself, clear your evening schedule; not only do you have to mix up the sauce from scratch, but it also needs to be oven cooked for an hour.

Check out the recipe for yourself here.

Mary Berry Everyday is on Mondays at 8.30pm on BBC2. 

Images: BBC2


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